Let Allan Company’s marketing leverage and economies of scale create greater profits for your company today.

Buy / Sell Recyclables

Allan Company recognizes that you, the customer, are our most important asset. We strive to meet your recycling needs whether you are a producer or consumer.

Producers of Recyclables

Allan Company is the largest independently owned processor, broker, packer, and exporter of recovered fiber in the Western United States marketing over 1.3 million tons annually. Our goal is to provide unequalled service to all of our customers. We have built our reputation on excellent service, prompt payment, competitive pricing, and financial strength.

Allan Company’s marketing volume creates economies of scale in the areas of transportation, bulk handling, and order commitments. Since we are not owned and operated by a mill, Allan Company is able to market your recyclables to a broad range of sales outlets in the domestic United States and overseas. This allows us to be competitive in all market conditions.

Our goal is to provide you with top dollar pricing and superior marketing for your recyclables. We can supply you with equipment, recycling program designs, security analysis, and accounting assistance necessary to maximize your recycling potential. With recycling as our core business, Allan Company operates 12 state-of-the-art recycling facilities in California that are ready to assist you. At Allan Company, we understand your business needs.

Please contact one of our highly trained representatives if you have any questions.

Consumers of Recyclables

During our 40 year history, Allan Company has developed and maintained supplier relationships with consuming mills around the world. Allan Company currently ships to over 300 paper mills both in the US and overseas. Over this period, we have worked closely with mill buyers and managers in order to understand the ever changing demands and requirements of raw material sourcing for subsequent production. We understand the consumer's need for high quality on a consistent basis and we strive every day at each of our facilities to meet these needs. We have the grades you need and can commit to large volumes, which other recycling companies may not be able to provide.

Allan Company markets a wide variety of recovered fiber, aluminum, plastics, non-ferrous metals, and glass. We process and market over one million tons of these materials each year, allowing us to supply consumer demand.





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