Poly Lined Kraft Multi-Wall Bag

Allan Company's paper grade definitions are either the same as, or largely derived from the ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular published by the Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries Inc. 



Consists of new brown poly lined kraft multi-wall bag waste and sheets, including misprint bags. Stitched or sewed papers are not acceptable in this grade. May contain up to 10% bleached bag.

Prohibitive materials are not permitted.

Total outthrows may not exceed 1%.

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#1 Kraft (used brown kraft)

BBK boxboard cuttings

DLK dark medium light wax

DLK dark medium

DLK medium light wax

DLK white under 20%

DLK white over 20%

KBS kraft barrel scrap

KCB kraft carrier board

KEC kraft envelope cuttings

KGB kraft grocery bag waste

KGB kraft grocery bags with handles

KMW kraft multi-wall bag waste

KPO kraft punchouts

OCC old corrugated container

POLY poly lined kraft multy-wall bag

Sel OCC Select Old Corrugated Containers

VKLB virgin kraft liner board full rolls

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