Personnel Contacts

  Stephen A. Young Chairman 626-962-4047
  Jason Young CEO 626-962-4047
  Michael Ochniak CFO 626-962-4047
  Stacey Wheeler Controller 626-962-4047
  Nenad Trifunovic General Counsel 626-962-4047
  Don Rogers Vice President of Domestic Purchasing and Marketing 626-962-4047
  Rich Hubbard Vice President of Operations 626-962-4047
  Frank Del Rincon Vice President of Northern CA 559-264-4804
  Yun Koo Vice President of Export 626-962-4047
  Chip Lavigne Sales Manager - Plastics/Aluminum/Glass 714-546-6127
  Ferdie Young Export Sales 626-962-4047
  Jim Forkey Roll Division Manager 909-622-2481
  Lizette Jimenez Domestic Sales and City Curbside 626-962-4047
  Kara Bouton Real Estate Manager 626-962-4047
  Dan Yuan IT Manager 626-593-9892
  Vanessa Martinez HR Manager 626-962-4047

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